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(specializing in home-based  and solo professional businesses)

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Build a business that really works for you! 

Run your own business. 
Find fullfilment and enjoy your life. 


As your business coach I can help you achieve 
greater vision, effective planning, day-to-day, practical business skills, successful generosity networking™ 

Greater Vision

  • Develop a mission statement for your business that inspires you.
  • Define standards of success for your business and evaluate your progress. 
  • Create a business identity and a presence in the community. 

Effective Planning

  • Develop your business concept and refine your strategies.
  • Prepare a business plan including financial, marketing, and web strategies.
  • Manage procrastination issues. 
  • Build relationships as needed with attorneys, accountants, and other supporting professionals.

Day-to-Day, Practical Business Skills

  • Write your own press release and deliver an elevator pitch. 
  • Overcome personal barriers to selling your services and products. 
  • Use low-budget marketing and sales methods.
  • Develop and maintain a web presence.
  • Organize your desk, files, and supplies.
  • Set up day-to-day business processes, organization, and project management tools. 
  • Learn Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and other business software. 

Networking as a Successful Lifestyle 

  • Practice effective generosity networking™. 
  • Build business friendships.
  • Practice the art of comfortable conversation and small talk.
  • Amplify your business influence with improved communication skills.
  • Polish your social skills and expand your circle of potential clients or customers.


About Laura Worth:

Laura Worth, MSW  brings 32 years of business experience to her business coaching -- from entrepreneurial, corporate, health care, and artistic settings.  She has offered both business coaching and life coaching for more than a decade.  She explains, 

"When I started coaching more than 17 years ago I was coming from an intense, 15-year history of 24/7 start-up business experience.  Colleagues said since I had founded companies and was “seasoned” I would have something to offer as a business coach.  I've always enjoyed coaching small business owners, solo professionals, and artists." 
Laura is trained in counseling with a Masters in Social Work.  In 1995 she founded Worth Coaching Services to help introduce small business and life coaching to the public in Silicon Valley.  In 2004 she moved her coaching to Vashon where she specializes in coaching home-based and solo professional business owners. 

Laura teams up with her partner, Robert Bornn, another business coach and mentor, as well as other professionals, to expand the level of expertise and variety of professional services available to her clients through WCS. 

Laura will coach in-person, by phone, or by e-mail in a combination that works for you. 


Clients Say:

“Laura has helped me increase my ‘business success quotient’ by encouraging me to clarify my strategies.  She uses an innovative, practical approach to help me fully realize my potential in a non-threatening and supportive environment.” 

           Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

"Your coaching has ... given me courage and confidence to move forward with my goals and dreams." 

                                Sole Proprietor,
          Theater Production Company

"Laura understands the importance of doing what you love.  She has helped me stay on task, develop a press kit, and motivate me in times of fear and struggle.” 
                                Solo Professional

"With Laura's help I figured out how to achieve the goals I set for myself.  She taught me a variety of creative, positive techniques that fit comfortably with my lifestyle." 

"...Laura’s gift is to sense a person’s qualities and character and assist them in integrating their strengths for a more effective life. "

                                  Sole Proprietor, 
                            Consulting Services



Contact Information:

Laura Worth, MSW
PO Box 2443
Vashon, WA  98070

(206) 463-9283 

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